Eric Albers

I'm a


Highly skilled senior software development engineer and manager with experience leading software development, design, and integration projects and teams with a focus on technological innovation. A strategic leader known for fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Adept at recruiting and leading teams responsible for building cutting-edge 3D, server/client side design and VR/AR based interactive software solutions.

Full stack Developer, Virtual Reality, Simulations,
Frontend & Backend architecture
Hardware Design/Embedded Software Developer.

Able to design complete hardware/software solutions. Design communications from multiple clients to backend server databases as well as multiplayer game designs.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 321-339-7511
  • City: West Melbourne, Florida, USA

Please see portfolio below for a tiny sample of some things I play with for fun and work.


C#,C++,Python,JavaScript,Typescript,Assembly, WebGL, Unity,React,Angular,ThreeJS,NodeJS, Machine Learning (Tensorflow/Keras) AWS, LAMP/MERN/MEAN Stack, AWS,Azure Bicep

Unity C#/3D 100%
HTML 100%
WebGL 100%
JavaScript 100%
FullStack LAMP/MERN/MEAN 100%
C#,C++,C 100%
Android/iOS development 85%


You can download a pdf of my resume by clicking here

Video Game Products

SimFarm - PC, Mac

Centipede - 3D - PC,Mac,Playstation

Monopoly Casino - PC

Mysterium - Gameboy

Bally GameMagic Slotmachine

Who Framed Rogger Rabbit - PC


CODIE Award - Best Secondary Educational Game - SimFarm

Owner Leaping Lizard Software

  • Started company which grew to over a dozen employees, creating serveral games for Hasbro and other publishers


Portfolio of a few of my professional and personal projects. I'm always working on a few personal projects, usually to keep my skills sharp or to explore a new piece of hardware or tool. Click on the images below to see a video of the project. For these projects I was the lead programmer and designer.

Wrote PitchR product for Baseballcloud
Wrote/Designed SimFarm
Who Framed Rogger Rabbit/Disney
Game Boy Game Mysterium
Created Centipede 3D remake (Hasbro)
Created Monopoly Casino (Hasbro)
Bally Game Magic Slot Machine
Simconomics / SimCashflow Economics game Simconomics Game
Drones Game Drones Game
Hololens Mine Simconomics Game
Glitch Shader Test Glitch Shader
VR WebGL Mine Meeting demo Magnetic Field Simulation
Tetris/Kazin two player Android Magnetic Field Simulation
Rubics Cube Android Test Magnetic Field Simulation
Custom Circuit Board


Feel free to contact me at the information provided


West Melbourne, Florida, 32904