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Video Games Written


Being a computer programmer, led me to writing several video games early in my 20's. I wrote SimFarm in the SimCity/Sims series, as well as worked on some of the sim-games. I started Leaping Lizard Software with my friend Chris Green back in 1993, and we created several video games from Centipede to Monopoly Casino for Hasbro, as well as writing a slot machine for Bally Gaming. The video game biz changed a LOT since the time I got involved with writing the game 'who frammed rogger rabbit' in 1989, and now focuses mostly on killing and shooting games. Since this is not where my original interest was, I sold my half of Leaping Lizard in 2000, and moved on to more interesting projects.



Simfarm was a game I designed and wrote for Maxis, it follows in the Sim's series of games.

Who Frammed Rogger Rabbit


I wrote this in 1988 for the Disney Movie

Centipede 3D


Hasbro hired us to remake the classic game Centipede, we made it a 3d shooter

Monopoly Casino

Monopoly Casino

We were hired to create a video game for Monopoly in the Casino line. We had just finished creating a slot machine for Bally, and were perfectly placed to do this product.



This was a Nintendo Gameboy game I wrote after finishing Who frammed rogger rabbit.